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System Tune-Up & Maintenance

Modern businesses are heavily reliant on computers, but only when they work. An office environment can take its toll on your operating system, alongside natural degradation over time from faulty patches, updates, and unnecessary toolbars, clogging system resources. This leave your computer running slowly. We get your system running at its fullest capacity again by providing essential tune-up services to restore performance. 

Virus / Spyware / Malware: Removal & Prevention

Even with an anti-virus application, infections are common. We remove and/or clean afflicted files. Vulnerable software is updated and patched in effort to prevent reoccurrence. 

Operating System Reinstallation

Restore your computer's software to new-in-box condition. The most current supported edition of licensed operating system is loaded, all updates are applied, applications are reinstalled, and data is restored. Our skilled technicians know the questions to ask before to ensure you’re satisfied after. 

Data Migration

Transfer your information from one computer to another on any variety of platforms. Many key user files are located deep in the operating system directory structure; we know where they are and what information is needed to make the transition as streamlined as possible. 

Hardware Services

Improve your current computer with more memory, DVD-RW drives, larger hard drives, faster video cards, and any other upgrades you need. 

Software Services

Deployment or diagnosis, we have years of experience installing, maintaining and resolving errors on any variety of software on a multitude of platforms. Dependency applications and drivers are updated to optimize performance.

 Printer / Scanner / Multi-Function Device Installation

Ensure that you setup your new equipment correctly and have it shared across all the devices on your network. We also show you how to swap out consumables, such as ink and paper and other valuable information to maintain your new device.