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Skilled Electronics Repair & Restoration

Count on Peak Electronics, for on-site electronics repair and restoration. No matter what your emergency, we’ll be on-site quickly, ensuring we save as much of your data and equipment as possible.


Soot and smoke can get inside your electronics and cause damage, and the risk is especially high for overheating. Wiping off the outside isn’t enough. A professional technician can properly clean the inside of your electronics, ensuring all the soot and dust is removed. We’ve been called even after other local shops because they didn’t get the job done.

When your electronics have been exposed to soot, smoke, or more dirt than usual, turn them off and unplug them. We realize that many people need their computers, but turning them on again could cause irreversible, unrecoverable damage to your hardware. Running your computer could cause it to overheat, and that could destroy your data.

Power Surge

A power surge is another serious threat to your equipment. After a surge, unplug your electronics and have them professionally serviced. Don’t turn them on to check on them as you could hurt yourself or cause more damage to your hardware. This could destroy irreplaceable data or require replacing an entire system. Our electronics maintenance and restoration technicians will recover as much of your data and system as possible, and help you avoid extra damage to
your machines.

Insuance Companies have been relying on Peak Electronics since 1997 to ensure that thier customers are well treated and the electronics from the disaster are properly restored.

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