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Hi Larry

Recently you came to our house to check our electronics that were damaged from a surge of electricity caused by an auto accident. Since that accident my family's life (we have a 2 and 4 year old) has been chaotic; dealing with two insurance companies, spending several hours a day on the phone, living without most of our everyday appliances, relying on takeout and meals prepared by friends and neighbors (no range, microwave, hot water heater to name just a few). It was hard to see the end in sight. That is until you came to our house. You quickly assessed the damage and checked every pertinent electronic/appliance. Your work was more than thorough and you even got a report out to my insurance company in less than a business day. Because of you we are on the road to recovery and the end is finally in sight. Thank you so much for your caring and thorough work. We truly appreciate it! Brian E.