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Video Surveillance Sysytems

Enhance loss prevention and protect assets with network camera surveillance and remote monitoring solutions. Systems are designed to record activity in offices, warehouses and any other sensitive area, indoor or outdoor. Digital clips of what occurred prior to the alarm triggering can be e-mailed to you as soon as an event occurs, providing instant proof that is not accessible to the invader and cannot be destroyed. Video recording systems can be integrated to digitally store the recordings for reference and possible evidence. Through the use of Overt and Covert systems, your can feel safe that any event occurring while yuo are away can be documented. Let Peak Electronics asses your security needs and install the protection that you deserve.


Access Control    

Access control systems automate screening and perform instantaneous inspections and audits of personnel at key locations. Through the use of RFID (radio chip based), biometric (fingerprints, retina scans), keypads, and other methods of identification, access can be granted or denied to a variety of mechanisms or devices. Magnetic and push-bar lock types can be programmed to actuate from a centralized system with any variety of regulation set based on time or access level providing actionable physical security to assist in loss prevention. Door phones can be programmed to dial to a desk or out to a phone number allowing a versatile way to be able to grant entry. Motion and acoustic sensors coupled with our surveillance system allow for highly detailed intrusion detection and can be set to instantly lock out all key areas in the event of unauthorized entry or an alarm triggering. These solutions are applied through various techniques to enable a wide range of functions.