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Computers and networks are the heart of most modern businesses, and when those systems go down, so does your business. Let us help you with reliable computer and network maintenance services designed to prevent downtime and keep your bottom line growing.

Protect your investments and your work. Peak Electronics provides electronics repair and maintenance services to help you repair, recover, and preserve your sensitive electronic equipment and data following any accident, emergency,
or disaster.

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Our Story

Peak Electronics, located New Jersey, is dedicated to providing prompt, reliable electronics recovery services following a catastrophic event, including surges, fires, floods, and other accidents. Additionally, we offer networking installation and maintenance as well as PC repair and maintenance. We work with insurance companies throughout New York and New Jersey, and remote services are available nationwide. While you can’t always prevent disasters, we can recover most electronics and data lost in an accident. Your equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and tested to ensure proper operation, and we’ll handle the insurance claims while we get you up and running.

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